Ideas and Validation March 8, 2020

Need feedback for my idea


Hi, I am new here and hope this is the right place for this question.
I listen to business/entrepreneurship/marketing podcasts a lot, but that raises a couple of issues for me:

  • knowledge retention, and
  • choosing which podcast to listen to.
    I know that many other podcast listeners face the same problems, so I am considering starting a service for actionable notes of such podcasts. The notes would consist only of the actionable stuff, like the 7 steps for creating a great email marketing campaign, or something like that. No fluff. I am aware that outsourcing some of the podcast listening and note-taking is necessary.
    That's the service I wish I had access to, so I want to build it.
    I'd like to hear your feedback on this idea, particularly:
  1. Would you subscribe or not? Why?
  2. Would you pay a monthly subscription? How much?
  3. What topics are you most interested in?
  4. Do you have any other podcast-related pain points that can be solved by notes?

Here's the link if anyone wants to subscribe as a beta user