Landing Page Feedback November 13, 2020

Need feedback on my landing page

Talan Torriero @ttorriero

Hey guys,

So this is my first time launching a digital download product:

2021 Google Sheets Content Calendar, Social Media Calendar, and Creative Requests Form.

I kept going back and forth about whether I should build out a proper landing page or just incorporate it into the product template on Gumroad.

What should I charge? I have no clue what to charge for something like this...

Has anyone found success using Gumroad without a custom landing page?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Check it out:

Use code 'IndieHackers' for $5 off.

Thanks guys!

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    Hey @ttorriero I know people that find success without using custom landing page.

    You'll get my Client Request Template for FREE! ------ Keep the surprise for the end!

    I can organize your landing page for free. Let me know

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