[Need Help] If you own a SaaS product, how do you manage your users' different environments?

My product requires a client key to work - this key is required by Javascript SDK for authentication. While users can use the same API key for multiple environments, their reports and data would be get corrupted.

On the other hand, while they can create separate API keys for each environment, I imagine it will be a little hard for them to manage that way.

If your product also requires a client key - what do you recommend to your users or do you filter out calls made from the dev environment?

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    Depending on the environment, we filter API calls for pirsch.io. Our JavaScript snippet for example won't send data for localhost and installed on a website we check the origin, so that others can't mess with your data. Other API calls are not checked, that's the responsibility of the user.

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      Thanks @m5blum - I had put origin check in the client SDK, but thanks to your comment, I have moved it to the backend.

      Users will still have to manage multiple keys - I guess, there's no way to simplify that for users.

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        Glad I could help you :)

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