Need help monetizing my 220K instagram page

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    You can join https://hotspot.earth, a marketplace that connects influencers with hotels

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    I can help. There are so many things you could do and would love to have a conversation and show you. Can you drop your email.

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      Contact me on my personal instagram @rico_nouromid

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    How about creating a catalog of companies who would help to customize/built a good van? Companies would pay for a place to be there.
    A map of places from the images you are posting? People would pay to have access to such db of places.

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      Daamn that's a really good idea, i really appreciate it to share your thoughts with me. Do you know by any chance that there is someone I can work with that I can do these things for me? (willing to pay for it ofcourse)

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        I think the most indie way would be to create such catalog in Airtable for which you could invite people or organize paid subscription in Paytable or similar.
        If you want a website to land people properly and promote other sub products of years I recommend Tilda Publishing as a best balance between simplicity and flexibility. Let me know if you need help with these.

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    Your linktree links are affiliates right? (Except of your own website ofcourse)

    There is a lot you could do, the most easy thing would be a monthly newsletter with stories? Sell content:)

    Affiliates ofcourse are always nice to have. (You have to go to the companies)

    A shop with merch.

    But it’s hard and I am in the same boat as you. I have 3 insta accounts with a total following of a bit more then 100k, not monetised them yet. Going to tho, in a few weeks I will build my store, make a newsletter and whatever I think would be nice to have.

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      Thank you very much! Let's connect on instagram so we can help each other, my personal instagram is @rico_nouromid

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