Need help to select Web Hosting Platform for multiple websites


I'm a non-coder, who's started with the world of No-Code last year.

I have ideas for some side-projects that I want to test out using landing pages. I have an Adalo subscription to build out the apps that I want to build.

My problem is I don't know which website builder / hoster to use. I only need a simple responsive landing page, and the rest of the functions (login / sign-up onwards) happen in Adalo. The other requirement is custom domain connectivity. SEO, etc. isn't a must-have. Don't need CMS as records will be stored in Adalo.

I used Google Sites since its free to build + host, easy to use, its responsive, SEO-friendly, etc. But I have so many issues connecting custom-domain by adding TXT & CNAME records. The domain ownership gets verified by TXT record successfully, but at the last step CNAME record doesn't get added. I've done literally identical steps for two domains, and for one of them I was able to successfully connect google sites and for the other I kept getting DNS error with registrar, that "A record already exists for that host". I've googled this error, but didn't find a straightforward solution. Porkbun is the registrar.

They're two newly bought domains with no prior history of being hosted anywhere else either, so its not like prior DNS records are being erased or overwritten which are causing the error.

I've checked out pricing for webflow, wix, squarespace etc. Its quite expensive for someone like me, who's only looking for validation for experimental ideas with a non-USD based income, for multiple projects.

Adalo itself works fine as a landing page, but https://domain.com doesn't get any response, since adalo needs a sub-domain even as 'www' to be added to DNS. Forced redirect to www isn't possible through porkbun.

I've explored the idea learning how to code enough to create basic one-pager landing page, create repository and connect to Netlify, Vercel, etc.. It'll take me a little bit of time to learn but I will do it if no other option.

My questions are -

  1. Is there a simple way to resolve the Google Sites issue, a repeatable process that I can follow which will not create the DNS error?

  2. Is there a hosting provider which offers cheap single page hosting for custom domains, around USD 1/month? I've seen carrd at USD 19/year, so USD 1.5/month, which is my current option.

  3. Should I not bother with 1 and 2 above, and just invest time in learning that little bit of html+css, and it'll be much more helpful in the long run?

Appreciate any pointers.

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