Need some help to change the current flow

Hi guys,

I have launched my product in a Beta release a month ago (Booksbank.co.uk) and it is time to analyse the initial feedback and analytics.

Just to give you some context, the product allows people to loan / give away their books, and for people nearby to search and collect them.

The idea has been widely accepted and I have so far reached around 80-90 visitors a day without the need of real marketing.

The main problem I have noticed, is that people do not know how to add books and or are not keen at adding them with the current flow (currently it needs people to define their address).

I have received a couple of feedback from people and they were just confused on how to add a book and if they were doing things properly, so I know that things need to be changed!

Also to confirm your initial thought, when people are helped, they are happy to add the books, is just that they do not know what to do to start with!!!!

I need your help as "possible client" to log into the application or suggest me what would make you understand the add the book flow!!!

it is actually super simple, you enter the title, select the book from the dropdown and select its condition! (it is really just 2 clicks!).

Happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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    Your UX could be easier. Instead of forcing users to setup their bookshelf before adding a book, give them an 'add book' flow that captures the same information and then sets up a bookshelf for them. Next flow lets them choose existing bookshelf or create a new one.

    Your UI could be better. What is it written in?

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      It is written in Vue and Laravel on the Backend. The repo is open source: https://github.com/Zelig880/BooksBank

      I am starting to realize that.. the reason why they were separated, is because the bookshelf is just ONE, so after you set it up, it is sorted, but I thin that your change make perfect sense.

      What my plan was:

      • Add address and postcode on the add book flow
      • Automatically create a bookshelf with all days and time added withou the need to add this info in the user
      • (I can send an email at a later stage to remind them to provide better selectin of time and days)
      • When an user return or try to add another book, pre-fix the address

      This should have the least amount of changes necessary on the site (it is just me and just as a side project, so hard to make very big changes)

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        For UI have you seen Quasar. It's a framework based on Vue. Gives great results imo.

        For later maybe you could do something with image recognition or ISBN recognition to make adding books even easier.

        Best of luck

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          Yeah, i have worked with quasar before. I am very experiences with vue, so framework or no framework it is not an issue. :)

          The isbn and the image recognition is next on my list!! It costs money that is the only reason why i have not implemented it yet, but it would surely be an amazing feature!!!

          Thank you again for the comments, and even more if you add some books on the system!

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