Need to have logo before starting?

Do you still think you need to have the perfect logo and business card before you can start a business?

Working on what matters is the most important thing. Not fancy shiny objects that distract you.

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    Our current logo for embarkable.io is a free icon.

    Our other company is a consumer IOT brand and we put work into our logo from the start and got some ideas from fiverr.com.

    With the consumer brand, we needed to print the logo on product so it was very important to get it right. With the SaaS, it can be adjusted as the brand develops or evolves. As we find product-market fit, we will invest more time into logo and branding.

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    I would say having a logo can help you out as a guideline about the product personality, style and colours.
    I doesn’t need to be a super pixel perfect logo made by a huge trendy design agency… you can always change it later.

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    Actually having one makes a huge impact. People resonates laziness with unfinished products, they think if a company can’t even get a logo how would they solve our problem. Yeah, it’s not necessary but it’s good to have one. Making a simple logo doesn’t take much time and you can rebrand anytime.

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    Totally agree with you

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    I think it’s worth putting a little time into. After you make a website, social media/newsletters, and physical products, it will be costly to change significantly. So spend enough time to look polished, but don’t worry about looking perfect.

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    I wholeheartedly agree: you don’t need to have a logo before starting.

    I do like making logos, though! Here’s one benefit I get from doing so: it helps make my idea seem real.

    Like so many indie hackers, I suffer from imposter syndrome, and anything I can do to help overcome it is good.

    Just don’t spend any time or money on a logo: I agree that your time and money is much better spent on building a business.

    Thanks for posting!

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