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Hey Everyone,

I am the [email protected] Betimeful and would appreciate any feedback on our newly created landing page (www.betimeful.com)

About Betimeful: It is a freemium browser extension that removes your social media’s news feeds, recommendation videos, or anything designed to get you “hooked” during work. Replace the feed with inspiring daily quotes & schedule “focus blocks” on Google Calendar/ your own built-in popup calendar.

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    Interesting tool ! Are you looking to monetize it in the future?

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      Hi there,

      Appreciate you liking the idea! And, yes, we also have a premium version that equips with one more features and versatility to be more productive.

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    Hey @ArshalMadan

    Here are some thoughts.

    I don't mean to sound harsh but for a product that is promoting less distraction, the hero is overwhelming.

    The hero requires a large initial cognitive load with all of these elements:

    • Logo
    • Full Nav with a Call to Action button
    • Headline
    • Subheadline
    • Interactive screenshot of product
    • Social icons
    • Intelliticks widget
    • Scheduling Support? calendar icons
    • Second Call to Action button with a different message
    • Animated bubble background (barely visible but there and distracting)

    There is a lot of competition for what I should look at first. It honestly feels like the same distracting qualities of social media. I don't know where to start.

    I would pick one thing to focus on in the hero and remove everything else. Then add back only what is essential to relay the value of your product.

    As for the copy, I don't think it's a clear and linear message. It bounces around. It should flow like a conversation.

    Starting with the headline, how did you come to the conclusion that you can save 2 hours. What kinds of studies were done to substantiate that amount of time? What if I currently spend 4 hours on social media? Are you limiting the benefit of your product to just 2 hours? What if you save me all 4 hours? What if you only save me 1 hour?

    If you plan to claim a specific amount of time, make sure to back up the claim with real data. Unsubstantiated claims create lots of contention if your product doesn't deliver on them.

    I would try to find a greater benefit than a set amount of time saved. Something like increased quality time or reduced dependency on screens.

    Why do people want to be off of social media? Or on it less?

    Is it so addicting that it's disrupting their work, life and health?

    Addiction is an emotional topic. Tap into that emotion for your headline. Something like:

    "Sucked into social media yet again?"

    "Feel like you can't stop scrolling?"

    "Social media getting in the way of work?"

    "Social media addiction can lead to anxiety, depression and more..."

    "Wasted another couple of hours on social media?"

    "Social is designed to suck you in. We won't let it."

    The middle portion of the page flows better. It's more relatable and gets to the heart of the problem.

    Two of the quoted sources though, don't talk specifically about social media, so I don't know that they are really valuable. When I read the articles from those sources, they were talking about all distractions including email, calls, etc. Some of those distractions can't be alleviated by your product.

    I would try to stick to social media studies only, to strengthen your product's benefit.

    Minor thing but this sentence sounds like an infomercial - "But wait, that's not all!".

    When I read stuff like that, I feel like you're going to sell me not one, not two but three products for three easy payments of $19.99.

    It sounds overly salesy.

    For the plans, make sure to back up the claims of time saved. If you don't have some solid stats to back up that time, go with a different benefit.

    As for the design, there are a few issues.

    The first is that the page feels hard to traverse. It doesn't have a linear flow. Just take the headlines and lay them out and see if they sound like a linear conversation that flows from one idea to the next:

    Save 2 hours daily by making social media less addictive!
    Does this journey sound familiar to you?
    But wait, that's not all! (This sounds like there is more information but only has blurbs from your external sources)
    So how does it work? (This header comes before the user is told it's a Chrome extension)
    Supported Apps
    Users sharing their experience
    World leaders embracing BeTimeFul (Only one? Is he a "world leader"? Also, you capitalized the F here but not in your logo. That's a branding mistake.)
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your Call to Action buttons are all different. These are the labels:
    Add to Chrome
    Download Free Extension
    Download Now
    Download Extension for Free

    Some have Chrome logos, some don't. Be consistent. Make every call to action button exactly the same so that it reinforces what you want the user to do.

    Your two plans are the ideal place for your Call to Action but they have huge buttons that just show modals of instructions.

    Your CTA buttons also have accessibility issues. They need a bit more contrast. Install this extension and check out your page:

    Overall, I'd rework the copy and make it more linear and conversational. I'd give the design a bit more breathing room and I'd focus solely on social media, since that is what your product is disrupting.

    Good Luck!

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    Hey there 👋
    My thoughts after visiting the landing page:

    • I like it that I can see how the product works by using the before/after slider
    • The CTA is good
    • The page feels crowded - more space between elements would help (for example, between CTA and "Does this journey sound familiar to you?")
    • Some items would look better if aligned: the calendar icons, the image-text pairings from the journey section would look better if they were centered horizontally
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    Here are some things I think you can improve on. I hope they help!

    • The contact link in the header doesn't work. It opens my email client, but doesn't populate the 'to' field. It might be the capital letter at the start of the email, I'm not sure.
    • The gradient background of the 'Add to Chrome' button in the header seems too light on the right-hand side. I suspect this would fail an accessibility test for colour contrast. Similarly, the 'download extension for free' button under the hero section is again too light, but also looks like a different gradient.
    • As with the above point, I assumed your branding was green, but I found some blue buttons on the plans panels (This blue isn't used anywhere else, and looks a different shade to the 'selected' state on the navigation).
    • I like the before/after slider, but the button doesn't keep up with my mouse dragging and I have to re-click to get it to scroll to the end, so it's not a smooth experience (Tried on Win/Firefox for reference).
    • Point 1 of the 'How does it work' section is left aligned when the rest are centrally aligned, making it look out of place.
    • There was no hover cursor on the plans panels so I wasn't sure what I could click. Neither do the buttons have the pointer cursor.
    • Elements usually animate if the user can interact with them, so again, for the plans panels make the whole thing clickable if you want them to move on hover.
    • Why don't you replace the plans panels with the nice pricing layouts you have on the pricing page? From just the homepage you can't tell what the pro version costs at all.
    • The instruction popups could do with some padding. Some of the elements feel squashed.
    • The testimonials looks great but to add more credibility link to the users LinkedIn to show they are real. The user 'David Smith', seems generic, even though he might be real.
    • Privacy page is missing any sort of container. Page width should account for around 75 characters per line. Right now on my monitor, I can get 235 characters on a line, making it very difficult to read.
    • Formatting could also be improved on the privacy page. Some lines are close together, some are spread out, most text is dark, some text is light, some headings are dark, some are light. It needs a bit of consistency to be more readable.
    • Social links in the footer should open in a new tab to avoid losing the visitor. As your site says, once the user gets onto social, they will loose track and forget where they came from. Opening in a new tab will mean once the user closes the social, they still have access to your site and realise how they got lost down the rabbit hole.
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    Sharing some initial thoughts as I took a look:

    1. Very cool value proposition!
    2. I would shift the entire header down a little bit and give it more space. It feels a bit busy with everything at the top
    3. It wasn't clear to me immediately that the right slider component could switch between apps, maybe you could make the icons more clearly interactive
    4. The slider component got stuck, when I switched away from Facebook and then back, it started working again. On Chrome for reference.
    5. The "So how does it work" steps could be clearer from a design standpoint, the size of each step is different and inconsistent with how it's displayed.
    6. The user review section is fantastic! Since you're arguing that your product can help regain time and attention, showing a before/after of using a product like this is the best way to convert.

    Best of luck!

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      Hi James,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are currently working on implementing your recommendation. Really appreciate you taking the time and reviewing us!

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        Great to hear! Good luck on your next iteration!

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