Needed - Content Marketers

Hey IH!
My name's Cristian and I'm the (main?) guy behind a bunch of pretty popular WordPress plugins.

Just to name a few:

We've been struggling for (at least) 18 months with content marketing, learning how to do it (properly), how to get and measure results - the whole thing. We've made some progress but ... I'm way out of my comfort zone here.
I need to bring more talented people on-board and help me out on this. Right now, we're working with:

  • 1 marketing agency that's writing 3 pieces / mo for one of our blogs
  • 1 team of freelancers that's writing 4 pieces of content / mo for 2 of our blogs
  • 1 blog manager (junior)
  • 1 content writer (interal, also junior)
  • 1 freelance writer (photography related)

To say we haven't seen much results given the investment would be an understatement ...

If anyone's interested in having a conversation with me, I'm more than willing to pay for your time - even it's just consulting based.

  1. 1

    Hi Christian!
    how can I get in touch with you?

  2. 1

    Hi Cristian,

    You have some nice products there, but the website doesn't reflect this — it takes minimalist to the extreme, and the blog only shows one article.

    I can see that the plugin sites have a lot more content, but only CPO has a blog.

    Also, not all articles are created equal, sometimes they're articles for article's sake; it doesn't mean many people are searching for it. A lot of work goes into finding the right topic and keywords, and sometimes much longer, 'skyscraper' articles are needed.

    Are you also working on social, advertising, and influencer marketing?

    I agree with John as well, videos would be great here.


    1. 1

      We haven't looked into social, advertising or influencer marketing, yet. We might have to look into it at some point haha.

      Regarding the WPChill.com website - you are absolutely right it's minimalistic AF right now ... I keep postponing re-building that website but ... there's always something that needs more attention ¯\(ツ)

      Thank you for taking the time to express your feedback here - highly appreciated!

  3. 1

    Super niceee. How do I reach you?

    I've got like 6 years of experience using WordPress and write pretty well. Sounds like something that's going to be very interesting.

    1. 1

      You already have :) I'll be in touch shortly

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    Hi Cristian,
    Fellow romanian here -- ever thought of doing some videos to showcase your stuff?
    I can drop you an email in a few hours and we can have a chat...

    1. 1

      Sure thing. I'll look out for your email!

      1. 1

        Hi, can we schedule a call to discuss about this? Maybe we'll consider a conversion funnel audit to understand things better. Before then, I can send some relevant content your way to help with a different perspective on the current challenge.

        1. 1

          Sure thing! My email address is publicly available

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