Needed: Marketing co-founder for an email project

I'm looking for a marketing focused co-founder to work with me to grow https://postheat.com. No dev skills required, I'm looking for a cofounder who would focus 100% on marketing the product, talking to users, etc... so that I can focus 100% on building the product.


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    This is a good product though I din't get the use case clearly. Does it act as an email marketing software itself? A few days back, I launched https://www.newslettergrowth.in/ to collect stories about Newsletters.

    Is that your target audience?

    Good luck to you. I like the UX design.


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      Thanks for the feedback. I think that you are right, my messaging is not clear enough. PostHeat can act as email marketing software for non-technical users, but also has a few technical features (API for transactional email, html email export).

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    Hey @TDB,

    Let's discuss possibilities. Contact me at [email protected]


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