Nerdogram - A photo sharing app for Github nerds

Hey Everyone -

I made a very original photo sharing app called Nerdogram. It's exclusive to Github users as that's the only way to sign in. :D

Check it out => https://nerdogram.vercel.app/

Of course the code is open sourced in the spirit of devs sharing their knowledge.


Might be a useful starter for anyone trying to figure out how to setup a full stack CRUD app. I used:

Next.js + Tailwind CSS
Next-Auth + Github OAuth for authentication
Heroku Postgres SQL Database to store the data
Cloudinary to store images
Prisma to interact with the data
Vercel to deploy site on
Font Awesome Icons


  1. 1

    "This application will be able to read and write all user data."

    Maybe change this. I'll sign up if u do lol

    1. 1

      That's the default permission for Next-Auth for Github. It weirded me out too lol. No worries you don't need to sign up. :)

      1. 1

        Oh, that's quite odd. I just don't want to give write access that's all, especially bc the app doesn't even need write access for anything (as far as I understand). I wanted to try it out :D

        1. 1

          You're right. And it's fine you're not missing out on anything. The app itself is kind of a joke - I mostly did it because someone reached out and wanted help on building a photo based Next.js app with authentication and a database.
          If you're interested in seeing how it all flows the best way is to clone the repo, start it up and authenticate with your own OAuth app.

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