NetFlix for Podcasts... Who's In!

Really been sitting on the idea of podcast recommendations! The big "players" aren't providing any recommendation and maybe they will one day. I believe there is large enough market for a recommendation engine for podcasts!

Most of todays word of mouth is - check out this podcast ______
For me it should be more like - check out episode 124 of this podcast about X.

There are tons of podcasts out there, and we don't have infinite time - but there is a lot of content that a lot of us are missing. Also there are podcast creators that aren't getting the spotlight that they deserve.

You either make a general large netflix for podcast or you niche down to categories and recommend that way.

Thoughts? Interests?

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    Sounds like an awesome idea! I think Spotify has started to do this some but not at the personalization that we get recommended by other media and services. I get sent podcast almost daily from friends and family but not from my podcast service. There is so many podcast apps right now and none stick out to me as creating a community around the podcast they offer. I think niche down to categories is a great idea for creating a community and could be a reason why an individual would choose a certain platform. Right now I don't think there is any uniqueness between platforms that are keeping customers there. A good example of this is that web browsers account for 12% of podcast listening currently. I think this idea could gain traction as podcasting continues to grow and people want better ways of discovery what is best for their time. Would love to chat more on this!

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      Yeah I agree 2021 is going to be the year of podcast services for sure. I see a lot of them focusing on the podcast makers. The rise of how many podcast makers in 2020 is incredible. They now have a fully saturated market of choices to host, promote, share, edit, transcribe etc....

      I haven't seen as much growth on the other side for consumption. I think for the most part Apple and Googles native app dominates a lot. Spotify is really trying to be the leader just based on the money they are throwing around.
      The other smaller players like castro, overcast etc... They are all focused on being a player and better organizing your pods.
      I don't see many trying to recommend. https://getshuffle.app/ seems to be a rising star - but there is room for more for sure.
      Send me a message on twitter or email and lets keep talking @Coojey

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    It is a very interesting approach. I started listening podcast this year and would be good to have a recommendation engine based on my listening.
    What I see is that podcasters do a lot of cross-advertisement inviting or speaking about other podcasts.
    I see there are a lot of podcast apps, it would be interesting to look at all of them and investigate what kind of recommendations (podcats or episode) they are doing, if they are.

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      Yeah good point, I probably need to do a deeper dive and really get the full picture - my quick few hour research shows not many are doing recommendations. There are some curators popping up and then Shuffle.app https://getshuffle.app/

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        If you do something with this consider me as beta tester.


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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      I'm open to chatting here or you can find my profile and DM on twitter or email works too!

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