Netflix is a master at building habit-forming technology. Here's how you can hijack their techniques for building habits you want...

If you've ever watched a show on Netflix, you probably noticed that helpful little "auto-play" feature at the end of an episode. Without having to lift a finger, the next episode automatically starts up. There's a reason Netflix does that — and it's not just for your enjoyment.

Netflix wants to make your viewing experience as frictionless as possible. So what's easier than sitting on the couch while Netflix automatically loads the next dopamine-inducing episode of Breaking Bad? Not much.

This is Law #3 from James Clear's law of habits.

"The law of least effort: which states that when deciding between two similar options, people will gravitate toward the option that requires the least amount of work."

Netflix doesn't want you to have to expend a single moment contemplating whether or not you want to continue watching. They just want you to keep watching. Because of the way Netflix is designed, it would require more effort to stop watching than it does to keep watching.

THIS is the secret to building habits. For the habits you actually WANT to do, you should make them as easy and automatic as bad habits (like binging Netflix)

Here's a simple example...

If you want to start a habit of running every morning, there's a lot friction. You have to get out of bed, find shoes, put on gym clothes. That's a lot to ask.

Here are a few ways you could combat this friction:

-Put your running shoes next to your bed so they're in your path as soon as you wake up

-Sleep in your running clothes so you don't have to change in the morning

-And get in bed plenty early so you're ready to get out of bed

Habits (good and bad) develop most easily when there is little friction. This is why social media companies & Netflix leverage "ease of use" as much as possible. If you want to hack back your habits start here. It will make everything much easier in the long run.

Hope this helps!

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