Networking over Video Games

Hi IndieHackers Team,

My name is Luke and I'm brand new to this community! Looking to connect with our community of IndieHackers and happen to love video games and chess. Have found that gaming with fellow entrepreneurs has led to all sorts of great outcomes - would love to play games and meet the community!

If you'd be interested in connecting, let me know. I'm a currently a full-time founder since Jan 2021 and have 10 years of experience as a Machine Learning engineer to share.

I'm also curious what this group thinks of video games as a way to network with like-minded peers. Would you find this exciting? Useful?


What is your all-time favorite multiplayer game?
  1. Starcraft / Age of Empires
  2. DotA / League of Legends / Awesomenauts / Paladins
  3. CounterStrike / Overwatch / Fortnite / Call of Duty / Rust
  4. Mario Kart / Racing / Rocket League
  5. Chess
  6. Catan / Codenames / Board Games
  7. Mafia / Among Us
  8. Civilization
  9. Valheim
  10. Other
  1. 1

    How dare you miss WoW / Guild Wars / ESO

    From the list my vote goes for DotA but my poor little mac mini begs me for an upgrade to M1. Till then no gaming for me.

    1. 1

      (((((: I missed WoW!!!!!! Dear Lord.

      My macbook hates me as well... I'm insanely excited for this: https://shadow.tech/

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