New, Automated Freelancer Onboarding for Autolance Freelance Network

Exciting day for the team at autolance.co/freelancers. Today we launched our automated onboarding platform (freelancers.autolance.co) for our freelancers. Gonna free up a bunch of time on our teams end so we can focus on onboarding companies and fine tuning the product. We are getting ready to publically release our vetted freelancer search engine as we have been running it on a limited intake level.

With the company side (the search engine side) fully automated we will wind out alot of the manual processes we are doing so we can focus solely on the product and growth. We are very excited for whats in store for the future. We have numerous feature additions in store, are moving our AI to GPT-3 based, and with the public release hope to get some great feedback.

Would love to hear what you all think! Also curious to hear any ways others have automated manual processes within there business? Let me know!

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