Landing Page Feedback January 26, 2021

New Basecamp integration landing page—thoughts?

Harris Kenny @harriskenny

My SaaS—Intro CRM—integrates with Basecamp, I've been using/dogfooding the integration for a new months and really like how it fits into my workflow.

How it works:

When you add a deal in Intro CRM, it pushes that deal to Basecamp as a To-do List. You can track the salesy stuff in Intro CRM (deal value, forecast) and the actual tasks (write/send proposal) in Basecamp. Then when you close the deal, roll it over into managing your client work in Basecamp.

Just finished enough features and feedback to go into beta and I'm starting to promote these features–including a dedicated landing page.

I submitted a request to be included in the Basecamp integrations directory, that's in progress and will link to this page on my site:

My hope is for existing Basecamp users to feel like this is a tool that might help complement the work they're doing in Basecamp right now. And to a lesser extent, catch people who are considering Basecamp and want to know if a CRM might go along with it that would work for them.

Do you think I'm accomplishing this with this landing page?

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    This looks like a really useful feature for teams who rely on Basecamp! 👍

    As for the landing page, while visiting it, I wanted to get a quick glimpse of how the integration is going to work and what it is going to do for me, but I couldn't figure that out within 5 seconds. I saw a generic headline "Basecamp CRM Integration", the Basecamp logo and a wall of text. If I hadn't wanted to give you feedback, I would have left the page right there.

    Can you summarize the benefits of the integration in one headline and one screenshot/infographic so that I know within 5 seconds if I should sign up for Intro CRM/the integration or not?

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      @nikwen this is a very fair point! infographic will take some time, but how is this new highlighted text for starters?

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        That sentence already makes it a lot better. 👍

        In my opinion, the section is still too crowded though. If the most important part is in paragraph 3, that's way too late. I would remove the other paragraphs and add a proper hero section to the page.


        Make it short so that I understand the purpose of the product within 5 seconds. If there is anything which distracts from it, remove it.

        I'm not a copywriter but, using your current copy, I would consider doing something like:

        Your CRM that works with Basecamp

        When you add a deal in Intro CRM, we push it to your Basecamp account as a To-do List. Keep sales data in Intro CRM and sales tasks in Basecamp with the rest of your work.

        If you can, I would try to shorten the description even further and try to improve the headline. I wrote the latter in ~10 seconds.

        As for the infographic, I wasn't thinking of anything complicated. Just a super simple visualization of how they work together. Without much text or anything. However, an infographic is definitely not necessary. It was just an idea that you can try if you like it.

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          Great I'll keep this in mind!

          The thing is, it's not actually a hero page. This is a landing page so folks are going to land here with from a specific search term or from the Basecamp integrations directory.

          In other words they are already going to have some context and will be (generally speaking) arriving here looking for more information.

          Like here's a good example that takes your feedback regarding the header—but also you can see once you get below the fold the content is pretty information rich:

          That said, getting to the point at the top/above the fold is a good thing to keep in mind and I will think on this some more :)

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            Yes, definitely keep the rich information. :)

            Getting to the point above the fold was the main point I wanted to communicate.

            I would try to add a hero section which quickly summarizes the main value proposition and when users scroll down, they see all the details. This is a common pattern that I see in most of the successful landing pages out there.

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                Nice, Harris! That's already so much better. 👍

                The only thing that bothers me is the tripple headline:

                1. Intro CRM
                2. Basecamp CRM Integration
                3. Simple Deal Tracking with Basecamp

                I would remove the second one:

                1. for aesthetic reasons (left-aligned second headline and centered third headline), and
                2. because the double headline 2 + 3 makes it harder to decide which element to focus on when I look at the page.

                If you don't want to remove it entirely, you can maybe find a way to merge headlines 2 and 3.

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    Oh there's something here. Let me come back with more thoughts in a day or two.

    Actually, I'm planning a landing page review meetup soon and maybe we can go over your page during the online meetup. You up for that?

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      Thanks, @pascallaliberte and yes I'd be happy to do that! What's the best way to connect? Your HEY email address on that page?

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        Just the link on that page will bring you here, a list just for notifying about landing page meetups:

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