Looking to Partner Up February 16, 2020

New idea for a project

Luiz Carvalho @luizfccarvalho

I used to do some freelancing and I've never loved any platform. The one that I liked the most was not international and paid just in the local currency.

I would like to build a great freelancing platform that could receive jobs from everywhere.

I am a backend developer looking for a frontend dev to work with me on the technical part. But help is always welcome here so if you have any other skills and want to be a part of the project, just contact me too!

Got excited by the idea? Contact me on [email protected]

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    The problem I find with most freelancing websites is that there are way too many providers making it very difficult to choose one that will be a good fit for you. I don't think it would be much use to add another platform to the equation. If you are really adamant on doing it, I suggest you think about 2 thing:

    1. Features that no one else currently offers
    2. Features that would be very difficult for established players to offer

    Just spitballing but perhaps a niche orientated platform might make sense.

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      That is a really good point, I'll think about the two points you said. Maybe I can come up with some features or think about what group of professionals I'd like to target. Thanks for the comment!

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    Do it! Bury Upwork!! 😁

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      I did some jobs there and then stayed a couple of months away and they permanently banned my account and said that that skills were not compatible with their site

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        Yeah, it's horrible. oDesk, years and years ago, was decent; Upwork is Satan's spawn.

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    Definitely interested. Have never liked any of those sites. What do you think of https://www.moonlightwork.com?

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      I've never heard of it, gonna check it out!

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    what is your tech stack?

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      I was thinking of developing this project with Spring or Flask and I don't do the front end so it is really up to the professional who'll do it

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        just sent you email.

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    Hi I'm intrigued by the idea. would love to learn more. and i can help in market validation, and initial growth marketing