Landing Page Feedback September 23, 2020

[New idea] Gigle: "the Google" for gig jobs

Ethan Teng @ethanteng

I just started working on this new idea and would love feedback 🙌🏻

Check out Gigle. (Tagline: "the Google" for gig jobs.)

The idea is to help freelancers find their next gig by compiling search results from all the top freelance job sites, e.g. Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, TaskRabbit, Toptal, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and more. Search once and be done ✅

I was amazed this doesn't exist yet, and that freelancers currently have to search across multiple sites and apps individually to find their next gig. This will hopefully make people's gig lives a lot easier.

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    The problem is that a marketplace is only relevant to a freelancer if he is already a member and he has already built a reputation on it. Better to be on one small marketplace that gives regular well-paid work than on many where competition is fierce and pay is low.

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      Thanks for the feedback @technopreneur! But what about when you're first starting out? How do you get that first gig -- or first several gigs -- to start building a reputation? Is it through searching a bunch of the popular sites, and applying and/or bidding on many gigs?

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        At the beginning it makes sense to focus on one marketplace and take low paid gigs to build up a reputation... It's often hard to get good gigs without a reputation, so a new marketplace is not really attractive when one is already doing well in a marketplace.

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    Nice! I assumed something like that already existed too. I'm not in that place in my life, so I've never looked into it before.

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      Thanks! I only realized this because I've been exploring the idea of doing freelance full-time.

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