New landing page for Loopit🚗 An Ultimate travel idea generator🧙🏻‍♀️Feedback needed!

Hi there!
My friends and I are working on an idea we came up with a few weeks ago, and here is our latest landing page. For us, researching for our travel is too annoying; I just want some good spots to visit. We want to basically get our next trip in just one click, no more research.

So, we made a landing page and a website for this idea(https://loopit.dev/); just send us the place where you have no idea which spots to visit, and we will match a travel route for you! We wanna know your opinion about this idea! Please check out the landing page and send us some requests, or you can contact me directly for more info!

None of us has any background when it comes to interface design, so what we are wondering and would like to get your feedback on is the effectiveness of the landing page, can the feature and the intractability be clearly understood by users who first got to our website.

TL;DR: If you are too lazy to research, just tell us a place of your choice, and we'll match you with another's travel experience around that area; just follow it and have fun!

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    From a design perspective, you are creating a product that is supposed to make travel easier and more fun and yet looking at the landing page I have no idea it's a travel related product at all.

    People often make decisions through emotions and first impressions and if you want your travel-related landing page to convert, you need to make the visitor feel inspired to travel. So add some beautiful images, give it some pizzazz, make people want to pack their bags. And show what your product looks like to give people an idea of what it is you're offering.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hi @Ena! Thanks for your feedback! I totally agree with you! Since all of us don't have any design background. The design we are doing is to make it clear and simple. The point you mention about we will try it in the future iteration. I like you said that travel is a very emotional decision. For the last part, after you mention about show our product, we made a change on our website to offer you an example of our product. Please take a look and let me know how do you think! Thanks for your feedback again and any further advice is welcome!

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    I like the basic idea, but I can not see the actual product hence I a not willing to enter my email address.

    Either show example outputs on the right side to show me what I can expect
    give me a free sample without email input required.

    To be honest I think you should try to give a free sample and then ask for the email address.

    At this moment I do not see or get value and you expect me to enter my details.

    Good luck!

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      Hi, @FutureFounders,
      I like your feedback! Actually, your feedback about nothing to expect is one of the biggest pieces of feedback of our last landing page, so we did try to fix this issue, the biggest pic on the right side of the landing page is actually what you will get after you request a destination. You will get an itinerary with landmark pictures and restaurant pictures for you to go, or you can take this as a reference to give you a basic knowledge of the destination.

      I hope my explanation is clear enough, here is the last version of our last landing page, if there is any further feedback, feel free to let me know, and also feel free to play with our service, too!


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        Makes sense and I understand your explanation, but I still see room for improvement.

        Long advice short: Take away the big iphones and replace them with emotional images, or a big product shot

        This is just my humble opinion of n=1, but I think your product shots are too technical.

        You are dealing with an emotional topic - traveling.

        Things I think of are discovering sweet little restaurants that are not in the little planet book, having new experiences I haven't had before etc. etc.

        I do not get this feeling within 3 seconds of looking at your landing page.

        If I am a devil's advocate I could say your current version could also be the product shot of a food delivery app or uber clone app.

        The 2 customer pains you are seemingly trying to solve are

        1. Save of travel planning time -> Ease the mind, feel relaxed
        2. Discovery of new things in the city -> New experiences

        I would start from there and try to convey this feeling as simply as possible.

        It does not have to be fancy with animations or video.
        An Image/Images are enough. Here are some examples I like because they trigger the rights emotions for the problems they are solving very quick and easy to understand



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          Thanks, @FutureFounders! Now I totally get your point, the example you give is so inspired, I am talking with my teammate about the future modify, this design will definitely change in each iteration. The emotional part is a really good point and we haven't considered it before. May I ask for your email or content with you, would you mind me discussing with you when we have further updated in the future? I really like your feedback. Thanks again for your kind feedback, it so helpful!

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            Sure, but keep in mind I am n=1

            More important than my opinion are people from your target audience ideally who you can talk to personally / via videocall

            Just hit me up with Twitter DM's https://www.twitter.com/futurefounder21

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              Hi @FutureFounders, just want to let you know that, after your kind suggestion, we add an example page on our website, would you mind taking a look at it and tell me how do you think? or any further feedback about this landing page is welcome!

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                Great guys, personally I think the example helps!
                Now bring it out to your target audience and see what they say :)

                Good luck!

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    cool idea, how does your suggestion engine works? can i specify more "options"?

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      Hi @orliesaurus, yes sure! Any advice is always welcome!

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    Overall, the site looks good, and I like the idea of your business.
    Some comments:
    "City" --> consider more specificity, e.g., "City/State", to avoid ambiguity. For instance, there is St. Petersburg in VA, FL, and of course, Russia;
    "Style" --> consider adding more options, e.g., "family", "foodie", "active/sports", this will attract more diverse crowd.

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      Hi @Share2Learn! Thanks for your feedback, actually this issue had been mention in our last meeting and we will fix this ASAP. For the style part, due to the large demand for requests, since our database is not big enough, our system would be hard to match you with a specific style precisely, and we are working on it. For this stage, the style part would not change too much but we do consider this as future work. Thanks for your feedback! Feel free to let me know any further feedback or play with our service!

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    Hey guys. Love this idea. Your wording on the site needs some tightening up. I can help with that. And while I get the laziness factor, I think you are missing a much larger segment by focusing on that. But the idea is great!

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      Thanks @JenJesB! So glad you like it! Since we are limited budget, we don't have plan to hire a copy writer now, but I would like to heard which part do you think we can make it better, and which segment do you think we can approach. Thanks again for your feedback!

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