New Newsletter Launch | Help needed | Free SaaS Consulting

Hi Indiehackers & SaaS founders,

After leaving my previous Start in March this year, I've had much more time, so I've started to support other early-stage startups on their journey. We realized that having a weekly newsletter with hands-on business tips specifically for early-stage startups & founders would be helpful.

So I've decided that I want to start my own newsletter, sending weekly hands-on business tips.

Here are two of my first articles:

  • 10 hands-on tips for SaaS pricing
  • 8 Tips: How to get your first 10 paid customers

👉 Check them out and if you like them subscribe to the newsletter and share with friends: https://startupbusinesstips.substack.com/

As I want to grow my list to 100+ subscribers this month, here is my
👉 I offer 10x FREE SAAS CONSULTING SESSIONS exclusively for sign-ups of this group*
👉 Send me your challenges, experiences, or best tips with SaaS pricing (want to share an in-depth post on pricing challenges)
👉 Send me tips & hacks on how I can grow my subscriber list (it's just a hobby for me, not my main business)

*How to get the free consulting: Just sign up for the newsletter + share with your friends + send me a DM with your email and we schedule the free consulting session

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