New podcast about building and growing subscription apps

The subscription model is changing the App Store. Subscription apps generated over $5B in 2020, and the growth is accelerating.

The recurring revenue generated from these apps lets developers focus on building long-term value for their users while creating a sustainable business – which is tough to do with one-time purchases or ads alone.

Just like in SaaS, however, there is a particular set of skills you have to learn to increase your odds of being successful. Things like paywall design, price testing, content timing, and notification strategy are mission-critical.

So, we created a podcast dedicated explicitly to sharing insider tips, predictions, and insights from industry experts in the subscription app space. So far, we've interviewed several folks making well over $100k/mo from subscriptions on the App Store as well as investors, growth marketers, and more.

Our most popular episode to date is with app investor Nico Wittenborn. Nico is the founder of Adjacent; a new investment fund focused on mobile-first subscription companies. His investments include Calm, Revolut, Oura, and Reflectly.

We would love to interview more Indie Hackers on the podcast. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments, and we'll try to make it happen.

We hope you enjoy the episodes!

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    One year from now, I hope to be a guest on your podcast 😅

    Help me make it happen - check out Metronome, where we’re trying to help podcasters convert their social media audience to listeners!

    You’ll just need one Metronome link instead of posting your Spotify and iTunes links!

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    Cool to see you on here @coreyrab! I've been listening to your podcast since the Nico episode (I follow him on Twitter). It's rare to find good content in this space but there are a small group of us b2c founders who really enjoy it!

    1. 1

      Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

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