New release of DevDash, to create customizable dashboards in your terminal

Hello everybody!

I'm very proud to release the new version of DevDash, which allows you to create very flexible terminal dashboards.

What's the difference with the existing solutions, you might rightfully ask? You can personalize everything: what data you put in the widgets, from where, the color, the placement, and so on.

You can as well use very generic widgets to query yourself the APIs available!

With this new version, you can as well feed your nice dashboard widgets with data from command lines or scripts output, from your local host or from a remote host (via SSH).

The way to handle dashboard configurations has been simplified, too. I still think there is a lot of improvement to be made on that matter, so I will focus on that next.

The performance have been significantly improved, too.

If you like it, don't forget to give a sweet little Github star :)

dashboard for blogs

dashboard for side project

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