New startup coach + community business - need feedback on the landing page!

I'm soft-launching my new business into coaching early stage SaaS and e-commerce startups. I'd love to get your feedback on the landing page :)


It's become very clear to me this year that what I know from working 10 years in Product Management and R&D is really helpful and valuable to SaaS and E-commerce startups. So that's what I'm focusing on next.

There's several testimonials on the site, including a few indie hackers such as @britton (perci.ai), @aerovulpe (ChatKitty.com), @Macri (formNest.io), and @efletch (learntosolderkits.com). You've all been amazing to get to know, it's a pleasure to have helped all of you so far !

What started as a mastermind group has now evolved into a productised coaching service + exclusive community. I'm leaving my job as a Head of Product next week and trying this out full time.

Feedback on the landing page, pricing model, copy etc.. anything would be gratefully received!

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    Yay Paul! 🙌 It has been awesome working with you. Congrats on the soft launch and excited to see how it grows!

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    Hey! I like the idea!!

    A few things about the landing page though:

    1. Too much info on the main copy. Keep it short, and describe clearly how you give the value you talk about in the headline.
    2. Bring the logos up! Add that social proof to the Above The Fold section (What's visible without any scrolling).
    3. If it is a personal service, a good quality video of you talking straight to the user; being transparent and empathic, will get you far!!

    Keep it up!

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      Thanks for this, your feedback has really helped to push me to chop into the copy and be more direct. I've pushed the logos up as much as I can.. will try to tweak it more as it's still BTF on smaller screens. A video is a good idea.. added it to the list for later.

      thanks again!

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    Hey Paul, I like the idea - it sounds interesting. Regarding your LP - I would focus a lot on the direct value that you are providing in the title; for e.g.:

    1. Explain what you do / Why is this unique (the biggest title, near your hero page): - from what I get it, the "personal" and "direct" feedback is what you are offering; just a thought on how I would change this, using your own wording from the page: "Accelerate Your Business With An Outside Perspective"

    2. Hooks (Subtitle) - I would address here the biggest objections: who is Paul and why should we trust his outside opinion. I would change this into: "90-min free discussion designed to validate your ideas and answer your questions"

    3. Visual - I love it.

    Hope this helps!

    Keep it up!

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      Thank you @Colin@CBA, you're points are spot on. I appreciate the outside perspective! I've tried now to explain what it is i am offering more clearly. I take your point about who I am and the need to validate my credentials.. I've changed the subheading a different way for now while I think about how to validate myself better on the page.

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    This is awesome! Congrats on your soft launch 🎉 -- the landing page looks great. I look forward to seeing you succeed on your journey :)

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