Landing Page Feedback January 20, 2021

New startup mvp: check it out, for photographers, videographers, and all content creators - How's the landing page? Constructive Criticism

doss @riverspictures
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    I'm glad to help. The feedback is based on my personal preferences.

    What I would improve:

    • flashing animations/videos (I would remove them)
    • make the fonts more consistent (now you use mix of several fonts, some of them are serif, some are sans-serif)
    • green color (replace with another)
    • replace the automated translation with a manual (because the automated is awful)
    • make pieces of text shorter
    • name? sounds strange to me.
    • give some reasons explaining why your product is better than existing solutions.

    Hope, it helps.
    Good luck!

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      Nice, thanks for your feedback. Will work on some of it, others, I'll think more on. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

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