New Tool for Web developers!

Calling all web developers! Would be great to hear feedback on potential new tool for your client services!

Myself and my friend are developing an app designed for web developers and your clients to use to improve the accuracy and communication speed and ultimately complete your projects faster and to your clients satisfaction! This app overlays onto your website you are developing and is super easy for your clients to give pin point feedback and annotate/add comments and give their feedback, so you can complete your work faster and to the best standard. Would really appreciate feedback on this idea, and whether it is something you’d use, our website is https://www.usemarky.io/

Feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to hear more about this and keep up to date with email notifications!

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    I just wrapped up a project where this would have been perfect. I left a long trello list of todos - and the PM was terrible at linking where the changes needed to be made on the page.

    Think "The header here needs to be centered" ... what header?
    There was an attempt to use Loom - but he failed at that too.

    Curious - when you say 'beta' how much functionality do you have built?

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      Hi Edward,

      Thank you for your reply! So these are the exact challenges our tool aims to address, sounds like you’ve had experience of these problems and this could potentially help with future projects.

      With regards to your question - I’d say we are very much in the concept stage right now and are looking to get early feedback to ensure we build a great product!

      Edward if this is something you’d be interested in keeping up to date with, on our website you can sign up for email notifications so you’ll see when we release our first version of the web app and you’ll be able to try it for free with some of your clients! Let me know what you think and if there is any specific features you’d like to see that aren’t on the website already.


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        Thank you James - just signed up!

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