New Tool: Quit your job calculator! (How long until you can become a full time Indie Maker?)

I've really loved being part of this community over the past year and seeing people hitting their milestones and sharing their results is one of the best parts about it.

I didn't realise how excited I could get by the success of someone I've never met in real-life!

But, as someone who has built projects and works in Growth I'm well aware that for every success story there's a bunch of hard-work, failures (lessons!) and projects that just aren't quite there yet.

So Matt and I quickly made this Indie Founder Calculator! (I will admit it was 99% Matt...)

It's a bit of fun and a pretty simple way to plug in your own numbers and see how far you are away from hitting those key milestones we all want to be sharing.

We'd love some feedback if you can spare the time:

  • What would make this more useful to you?
  • Did we get the milestones right or are we missing any?
  • Did you use it? What would have been a nice addition?

Please share a screenshot of your graph if you try it out! I'd love to hear the results you get in the comments 🙂!

  1. 2

    Love this, looks like it's time soon, the calculator said it 🤣

    Sidenote – the graph being limited to 10k means you can max it out somewhat easily in high cost-of-living areas or with high spending.

    1. 1

      Good feedback, thank you - we are hoping to keep iterating on this so will add that to my notes!

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