Self Development March 22, 2020

New video: Hack the crisis to fight the Corona virus - how I got to tackle the epidemic as a developer


The world is fighting with the Corona Virus. On 13-15 March, Accelerate Estonia and Garage48 organized an online hackathon called "Hack The Crisis" to find solutions to the problems caused by the virus. In less than 90 minutes, over 650 participants signed up. After the event, many similar initiatives started to pop up all around the world.

The video below is about my experience of participating as a developer in an event that was truly one of a kind.

In the end, more than 1000 people contributed and some really remarkable solutions were created.

For example:

  • Ventit Breathing apparatus
  • Share Force One - workforce sharing platform that connects B2B sides for temporary workforce exchange
  • Corona-tracker by Velmio
  • ...and many others (find more information from the description of the video)
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