Ideas and Validation October 28, 2020

New way of self-education. Would anyone be interested?

Aditi De @aditide

Hello, Product Hunters! I am Aditi, an indie-maker (at least that’s what I’ll call myself after I launch my first startup, which is hopefully very soon)! I’m an Electrical Engineer and Full-Stack Product Designer. I’m currently building @LearneryHQ, a better solution to self-education for people who are dissatisfied with their current job and want to learn the new, relevant skills to enter a new industry. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information available on the internet and end up quitting their goal, because “life happens!”. Learnery will send them bite-sized relevant content through newsletters, custom-made for individual users based on their interests so that they can learn and stay motivated to work towards their goal. I have huge plans for Learnery, but for now, I am willing to learn about the problems my users face on a deeper level, so as to understand the kind of product I can build to help them. I’m always open to suggestions and feedback. Do you think this is a good idea? Please comment down below!

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    Frankly speaking, I've always struggled with self-education. It's much easier when you have a smarter mentor to lead you. But even having a good teacher won't prevent you from difficulties. That's why students search for legit paper writing services IMHO.

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    Hi Aditi, it will be just for developers and programers? I like the idea.

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    I like newsletters and get a lot of them. However, I tend to view them as mindless reading or trivia rather than useful activities. I couldn't imagine learning enough through them to do something like start a new job. But it sounds like your idea is to motivate people to learn through newsletters? How does that work?

    To get at the core of the problem you're trying to solve, I have a lot of things I would like to learn but I think I can only actually learn new skills through focused blocks of time and formal frameworks. What holds me back most is distractions.

    Happy to talk more if you want to dig deeper.

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      Hello Scott! I really appreciate your feedback. I would like to explain my idea this way. For example, Jane is a coding newbie, and she wants to learn how to code. She signs up for the newsletter, which sends her articles and blog posts for beginner level coders, to motivate her to learn more on the topic (maybe once or twice a week, I haven't decided on frequency). Periodically, we recommend her online courses from around the web related to coding , and encourage her to take them. If she decides to take them, we ask for her commitment level (number of hours/week), and send her appropriate schedule (with calender link that she can add to her device's calender) to ensure she progresses (unlike most online learners who just do not complete what they start). After she's in a position to apply her skills, we send her job listings that she can apply to, with respect to her qualifications. My future plan is to make this a learner's community, where people post publicly about what they're learning and the projects they're working on, and motivate them to stay on schedule (I have thought about applying gamification at this stage). But, until I get enough people interested in this idea, I don't think building a lonely community would be cool. Hence, I feel like I should resort to using newsletter as MVP, to get the word out, and learn about the problems of the users better, so that when I finally build this as community, I am able to put quality experience for them. I would love to learn what you think of this. Thank you! 💙

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        That makes a lot more sense. I'm starting to see the picture.

        I think the challenge you'll face is not with signups but with drop-offs. If you could solve that problem, that would be huge and would apply to more than just your individual domain. Maybe after you send your newsletter, you could send a quiz a few days later? Anything to boost engagement.

        Certainly a newsletter sounds like a good start rather than building a full site. Good luck! If you want to test on me, I'm trying to learn customer development - aka finding product-market fit. I can't promise I won't drop off though 😉

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          I'm really digging your suggestion of incorporating quiz as a way to increase engagement, and at the same time helping the user self-evaluate their progress. I will definitely keep this in mind. 🤓

          P.S.: I guess we should drop off from anything and everything that doesn't add value to our life, even if it is some newsletter subscription. 😛 (Mental Note: Value proposition is the key. 🧐)

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    Aditi. I love the idea. You should explore multiple ways of delivery as newsletters sometimes get lost in the muddle of multiple newsletters you are subscribed to. So how do you make it something that folks open? Also how will you scale, if you are custom creating per individual?

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      Hey, Tia! Thanks a ton for the feedback! 😇 I'm hoping to build an ML model to help figure out what will be sent to whom, based on data like their age, current role, interests, etc. And, about the scaling part, they say "it's okay to do stuff in the initial stage that does not scale". I guess I'm going down that path for now. 😅 I realize I need to figure out more distribution channels, but for now, lead generation and MVP newsletter is all I can think of. 😛

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