Newbie looking for real word projects to improve my coding

Hi guys,

I'm a relative newbie having only started to study coding at the start of 2020. I'm currently partway through a course on full stack development and thus far have covered HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. I listened to episode 190 which discussed the importance of using real world projects that actually make money to make ones coding more effective. I have some ideas that I would like to run with and intend on doing so but I was also wondering if someone could recommend a site where someone would be able to complete realistic projects or tasks online to build their capability (I don't think my skills are adequate to do freelance work at this stage. Looking for unpaid but realistic tasks). If anyone could make some recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. I'm really passionate and committed to building a profitable business online so that I can have the freedom to live anywhere with my computer and an internet connection so am looking for ways to fast track my development.

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    Hi, you should check out Code Unicorn projects. The platform has many redesigned projects that you can use for practice--both beginner and advanced level. You can also add the completed projects to your portfolio. Code Unicorn is open source and free, so you can practice as much as you like.

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      Thanks YCdude17, I just had a look and I think this is what I'm after. Much appreciated.

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    Just re-implement the functionality of an existing site. E.g. twitter, airbnb, reddit, etc. Even an indie hackers clone would do!

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      Thankyou sasa_cocic, much appreciated. I will 100% give this a go.

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