Newsletter/Site For Sale in the Management Consulting/MBA Niche

I am selling a newsletter with a Wordpress front-end in the management consulting/MBA topic. There are 825 subscribers. The site receives SEO traffic from Google equating to about 1,400 page views per month; so there is a recurring way to continue getting subscribers.

This is a lucrative niche with many training programs and sponsors willing to pay to get in front of management consultants and MBAs.

For more details, check out the listing on Duuce: https://duuce.com/listing/cambridgeconstultant-newsletter

Here is the website: https://thecambridgeconsultant.com/

Some more details:

We recently relaunched into a long-form newsletter hosted on WordPress using Newsletters Glue plugin to send articles posted on the blog directly to subscribers via Mailchimp. You get dual benefits here: content posted on a fully SEO-friendly blog, plus the same post being sent to subscribers where you can have ad spots.

There are 62 articles on the website receiving over 1,400 organic page views from search engines. These 62 articles were written by expert consultants and can be repurposed and resent to email subscribers.

The business comes with two digital products that were at one point being sold on the site. They are guides to putting together a cover letter and a resume for consultants and MBAs.

This is a full-fledged business with recurring traffic that turns into email opt-in subscribers. You don't need to worry about how to get traffic; the traffic is present.

We are selling because (1) we have other newsletters and websites we manage that are taking up too much of our efforts, and (2) we are not passionate about this niche.

If you are interested in buying, please reach out via private message.

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