Landing Page Feedback May 4, 2019

Next-gen managed database #landing-page-feedback

Nicolas Beauvais @Regex

Hello IH community,

I've created a long list of side-projects that I never finished, but discovering the IH community inspired me to try a more open development process, so here I am sharing with you!

I just launched the landing page for a managed database service called ShieldDB. I wont describe the project here as it could be counter productive with a landing page review ;)

What do you think of it?

My customers could range from experienced to novice developers but also scientist / journalist / anyone that could use a graphical database and doesn't have the knowledge or the time to manage one.

Thank you for your help!

#landing-page-feedback #saas

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    Here’s a few comments:

    • on my phone, the navbar is always open. Hamburger doesn’t do anything
    • pricing table is extremely dense. I found it hard to consume
    • not quite sure why the automatic backups feature is a different colour
    • on my phone it’s hard to see anything in the big feature image. It’s small
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      Thank you a lot @patrickgordon!

      I have applied all your feedback on the landing page and changed the pricing table with a slider that should be better on mobile.

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        Much better! Nice work :)

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    Nice! Out of interest is the site based of a template for saas products did you build all the styles etc yourself?

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      Hello @Mikejames, I used one of the premium bootstrap themes, they are really high quality. But I will only use it for the landing pages, the logged part of the app is all custom made :)

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    In addition to patrickgordon's comments, there a few grammatical errors. Check over the copy again, or get a proofreader, or run it through Grammarly.

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      Indeed @consoleFreak! I fixed some typos using Grammarly ;) Thank you for your feedback!