Next.js 11

Next.js 11 launched today.

If you are building a product, I highly recommend you trying it out. So many things come out of the box.


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    This is good. I was going through the new changes they announced and worth migrating the projects to it.

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    next/image: Reduce layout shift and create a smoother visual experience with automatic size detection and support for blur-up placeholders.

    This is cool.

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      Yes, it's finally catching up with Gatsby for images :)

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    This is awesome! I started using Next about a year ago on freelance projects and it just keeps getting better and better

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    I'm working on a new project using next and firebase. I'll upgrade to v11 tommorrow 🙌🏼

  5. 1

    Currently rebuilding my blog in Nextjs and it has been amazing to work with. I was excited to see a few things.

    1. If an image is stored locally next will infer width or height if possible
    2. inlining cdn fonts is great will prevent blocking requests
    3. eslint that you can run straight out of the box is amazing, especially if it is your first time using the framework
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    We have built Afloat in Nextjs9. It's amazing how rapid they improve their service. I love Vercel. Although I really prefer their previous name, Zeit :)

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    Sounds great. Next project will be on Next.
    Funny to see the change from client - > server
    React -> Gatsby SSR -> Next

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