Next time you've a ton of tasks for the day, do this.

Some days I wake up and realize that I've too many tasks to do.

It just leaves me feeling so tired before I even start the day. Where do I begin? Which one should I do first?

In the end, I end up procrastinating and barely completely any to do list.

I changed this around with a small yet awesome trick.

Firstly, I try to plan my to-do list for the day on the previous night. It is better if you do this, so that your new day feels less stressful figuring what to do when.

Now, the secret sauce to finishing your to do is to "eat the frog first".

Basically, work on the toughest task (the frog) first thing in the morning, when you're fresh.

When you have your frog eaten and out of your way early in the day, the rest of your to-do list becomes much easier. You will feel confident and accomplished as well.

Yeah, now that you heard it, it sounds kinda obvious, right? That's what. It is a small
yet awesome trick!

What is your productivity tip? Share with everyone!

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