NextJS Starter Template

Hi all :)

In the last couple of months in maybe 95% of the projects I am working on, I am using NextJS. Each time the first couple of hours I am spending to to install packages and to configure the projects. To reduce the hours spent on initial configurations, I've decided to create a startup template with all needed to start the projects as soon as possible.
That's why I've create https://naskodaskalov.gumroad.com/l/VLOST
In this project I've added some of the most useful tools for NextJS: Redux, TailwindCSS, Firebase and NextAuth.
After I've made some sales, I've received lots of posititve feedbacks and requests to add some more packages in it. In the next week I am planning to add also better startup design, page with all needed tools to build fun projects, maybe will add some libraries for charts and if a customer request anything else - will add and more.

If you think for something that will be good to have it a startup template like that - write here in comments. Or if you decide to buy it - please send feedback as soon as you try it.

Best regards

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