Nextless.js LAUNCHED - Full-stack React SaaS Starter Kit with Serverless

Recently, I was building my own SaaS product like any other indie maker and it took me 5 months to build it from scratch, which was way more time than I expected at the beginning. So, for my next projects, I was thinking on how to reduce this time by 80% or more.

Instead of focusing on my SaaS product and on the things that matter, I was losing a lot of energy on some time-consuming things:

🔥 Authentication
🔥 Dashboard UI
🔥 Landing Page
🔥 Form management
🔥 Subscription

Thinking of saving my future development and design time, as well as that of other indie makers who might face similar issues, I've built Nextless.js, a full-stack React SaaS Boilerplate Template with all the features mentioned above.

https://nextlessjs.com isn't just another SaaS Boilerplate, I wanted to have something more. As a passionate developer, I built Nextless.js with Developer Experience in mind:

❤️ Type checking with TypeScript
❤️ Linter with ESLint
❤️ Code formatter with Prettier
❤️ Editor configuration for VSCode
❤️ Local development and Debugging session

These are something that you don't see in other SaaS Boilerplates. But, this isn't enough for me, I want to go even further. Nextless.js has been built for production:

🚀 One command deployment for backend
🚀 Infrastructure as code, also deploy in one command
🚀 Highly scalable with Serverless
🚀 Low maintenance: no server maintenance, no Docker, no Kubernetes

Nextless.js also comes up with:

⚡ Code example with a To-da SaaS application
⚡ Documentation
⚡ Code updates
⚡ Email support

With Nextless.js, you don't need a UI/UX designer or an Ops engineer anymore! Concentrate on your own SaaS project as a developer and Nextless.js handles the rest for you!

Find more information at https://nextlessjs.com

Open to any feedback about Nextless.js. Don't hesitate to roast my landing page, my copywriting, or this post. I'm here to learn.

I have also one question: Do you see any other features to be added to the next version? Something I didn't think about?

Thank you for your help.


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