No budget, how you do marketing without spamming?

EDIT : Thank you all for your advices!

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    • Answer Questions on Quora
    • Answer Questions on IndieHackers
    • Post useful content on Facebook Groups
    • Post useful content on Subreddits
    • DM on LinkedIn
    • DM on Twitter
    • Create a podcast, Interview 52 people in your industry. Email 1,000 to be a guest.
    • Create a newsletter with an interview a week, Interview 52 people. Email 1,000 people to be interviewed by google doc.
    • Create an industry survey (Email everyone who took it with the results)
    • Create an industry map (Email everyone who's on it)

    you can use trypigeon .co for free to add a CRM to your gmail.

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      • Create useful TikTok videos

      I run a company that helps Swiss founders incorporate their LLCs or Corporations in Switzerland and my TikTok videos have landed me some clients. I only use my smartphone to create the videos and today I have over 6500 followers (still tiny). You don't need a ring light or fancy equipment to start.

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        I never would've thought TikTok would be a viable marketing channel!

        Are your videos about your company directly or on some subject tangentially related to it?

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          I have only the company website in my bio but the content are educational videos about starting a business in Switzerland in general (minimal capital, llc vs. corporation, sole proprietorship, liability, taxes), all in Swiss German.

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            Interesting! Thanks :)

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        This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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    Community, social media.

    Follow your target audience, genuinely engage with them, uplift them when they're down, congratulate them when they win.

    Reply / comment on their posts, like them, amplify their posts/message by sharing.

    Share valuable content that ties in to whatever you're selling.

    Over time some will check out your profile -> go to your site -> sign up for your email list -> become customers.

    At each stage of the process, it's important to optimize the conversion to minimize drop-offs.

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      How long do you think this process would take to land the first paying customer?

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        Can't really say because there are a lot of moving parts and factors. Generally speaking though I'd allocate at least 6 months if you do it every day.

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          Thanks, that sounds consistent with what I've researched.

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    I'd stray away from most things people said here.

    Educate people. Teach them how to do things better (with your product). That's what converts people to become customers.

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      I did not see it that way. Thank you.

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    This is such a good question! It would be great to understand a bit more about your business and audience, but I'd say do a bit of research to understand where your key audience is on the internet and then focus your attention there. Generate conversation, put helpful information out always offering for them to speak directly with you (link to your email / blog etc)
    Focus around specific things you know your audience is struggling with, be helpful and supportive and you'll start finding people who are receptive and will start becoming invested in your brand and product. If you'd like to chat through anything more, feel free to reach out, my email is on my profile!

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    Write good content and share it with your audience.

    Make a video and publish it in Youtube.

    Join some FB groups and slack groups, share your works.

    There is no free marketing, so your effort is your investment here.

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      Do you have a slack group to recommande?

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        Just search google, " Best slack groups list" you will find 100s of them, join, post in their group 1 per day, not too spammy.

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    All the answers in this tread are good marketing. One thing that l'd like to share is Affiliate Marketing. Reward your customer if they recommended another person to sign up for your product.

    If your product is good, they'll share, they get rewarded, they will share more. It will create a snowball effect. Try it.

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      Thank you. It sound like a good idea.

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      Definitely this! A great product + referral program can snowball. Referral marketing was one of the best growth tools that Dropbox used.

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    The answer is in 2 words:

    → Provide value

    That's all 🤠

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    I asked myself these questions a few months ago and almost all the comments answered that the best thing to do was to be on many platforms at the same time.

    From my experience, and if you don't have a big team, the best thing to do is to focus on one or two social networks where your target audience is and be constant, publish daily.

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      I will do that. Thank you.

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