No-Code October 20, 2020

(No code) Alternative to MS Access for Data Manipulation?


Hello Guys,

Well, I still use MS Access to clean up my data - because I can combine files on keys as I see fit, edit records, remove blank spaces, batch update records etc. etc. and create a nice master file for my analysis.

I don't code but can run basic queries. I don't want to use Excel for this. I am willing to upload my data on a cloud system (google sheet or others)

I am ready to move to something else a bit more like 2020's (mainly because I have a Mac). I am still a Fan of Access for all it has done for me (yes, I am old), so it breaks my heart :) ☹️

Any no-code suggestion?

Thank you in advance

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    Hey @LaurenceM,

    Have you checked out It's great for cleaning / working with data! :)

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      Looks nice. I will check it out. Thanks!

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    Hey! At Phiona, that's our main use case- we're currently making some big updates to provide more cleaning and transformation features, but happy to reach out when we go live with our new version.

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      I feel at home looking at your site / demo, I would want to be able to write more "complex" cleansing "remove this" "split that" "merge that", "append this" etc. but looks great. Right now, I went down with a trial version of tableau prep as my alternate - but unaffordable. + I used to live in Atlanta :)

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        Hey! We actually just launched our updated website and app, hopefully we've still retained some of the "at home" feeling.

        I'm with you on unaffordability of Tableau and other larger BI platforms, we personally felt stuck between paying way too much money for enterprise-level products and requiring way too much coding knowledge, so we wanted to build something a bit different...

        Let me know what you think, happy to jump on a call to talk through your specific use case. Plus, always good to talk to a current/former ATLien!

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      Yes. sure! Let me know and happy to look at it and try it out when you are ready.

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      Ok. I will check it out. I had not used it for data cleansing, but worth a shot. Thanks!

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