No code blogging platform for Saas?

Hey indiehackers, looking for advice choosing a no-code blogging platform for my Saas business https://porterhouse.app - here’s a list of requirements and nice to haves:

  • wysiwyg editing, preferably on mobile too. I’m a dev and can code if needed, but right now want something where I can just start fkn writing :)
  • custom domain support is a must so I can use https://porterhouse.app/blog for seo
  • Some amount of customization - at least a way to display a prominent link to my main property is highly desirable
  • mailchimp integration - already depend on mailchimp for product update newsletters and social, would need to easily sync subscribers with mailchimp
  • I own a small consultancy too and want a blog for it too, so there will be at least two properties, possibly three, so a platform with bulk pricing or a model that inherently supports multiple “properties” with a single “account” would be nice
  • Pricing wise something like medium’s $5/mo is ideal - if I could do 2 properties at $5/mo that’s be awesome

Sofar I’ve just looked into medium and it MIGHT fit the bill, but worried about the customization aspect. Would love to get advice from those more experienced!

UPDATE: Probably going with swish.ink - it really provides the essentials and then gets out of the way - recommend checking them out! Medium isn’t customizable enough (nigh impossible to place a prominent link back to your main property) and Ghost at $20/mo when paid monthly is abit too much for what I’m looking to spend right now

P/S: If anyone needs advice about mass texting or text marketing I’m happy to offer impartial advice

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      That’s a really interesting take @8bit and I can see it working really well for products where the IH crowd is a prime market - we’re not one of those though, but great suggestion that I’ll keep in mind for other products!

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    Hi Susan,

    I found your product worth featuring in Product Startups.


    Kindly keep in touch


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    I think my product Swish.ink is perfect for your use case.

    • ✅wysiwyg editing: The editor uses Markdown which you are likely familiar with. Also works really well on mobile.
    • ✅Custom domains: Fully supported. Even better than most other platforms, Swish also allows subdirectories (so you can use /blog). An example is my personal blog.
    • ✅Customization: You can use your custom colors and fonts. You can also add your logo. You can also add a menu at the top with any links you want.
    • ✅Mailchimp Integration: You can set up content that will show up at the bottom of every post. You can directly embed your signup form here, or add a link that takes your users to the external page.

    Right now, the pricing is done per-blog, and starts at $6/blog.
    Depending on the number of blogs you want, I'm sure we can work something out.

    If you have any questions, I'm very happy to answer. I'm currently rewriting the documentation to show more of what you can do with Swish.

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      Hey @stephenafamo just tried Swish and it looks really promising! Are you planning to add a way to have my top-left logo and title link to something other than the blog home? That would be killer! (and further differentiate your product, IMO)

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        Thanks for the suggestion. I just implemented this.

        From your dashboard: Customize -> Theme

        There is now an option to set your "Main Link".

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          💥 Stellar customer service, thanks!

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      Very cool! Well done reply too with the check marks :) I’ll let you know of any questions or feedback if I try Swish, and best of luck!

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    Ghost is my go-to for this kind of thing. They are fantastic and now have a very reasonably priced starter plan. Their editor is, hands-down, the best writing experience on the web.

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      Heard of them too, thanks for your insight about their editor!

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    Did you tried medium? they now support custom domain.

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      Thanks! Yeah that’s the first one I’m gonna evaluate. Do you know if it allows customization like adding a logo and link at top?

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    WordPress self hosted gets my vote.

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