No-code founders who have managed to get $$$

I am working on series of articles revolving around no-code movement and founders. I want to talk to no-code founders who have managed to generate some sort of $$$. It doesn't have to be six figures. All that matters is some amount of realized revenue!

Their $0 to $$$ will help inspire thousands of other no-code enthusiasts. I want to know such founders' stories and put it out there for the world to know. I truly believe the power of the no code. It is truly inspiring when your no code gigs start to pay off. Opportunities become endless.

If you know someone who has achieved this inspiring milestone, then please drop in comments with their gigs or simply tag them.

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    Making money itself I don't know anyone specifically, but I'm aware that there are some people out there making good money from them.

    But I know Bram Kanstein (https://twitter.com/bramk) as managed to sell 3 of his no-code products/ business.

    Maybe that will interest you for your articles. Making money is not easy, but with some work it is achievable - selling a company/product is much more interesting.

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    I've curated interviews at https://www.nocode.mba/interviews of profitable founders - may be helpful place to start!

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