No code job board platform

Hi everyone! Jobroll just opened up the registration and the ability to launch a job board in a few minutes. It supports custom domains, has integrated payment for premium jobs and the newsletter. Check it out at https://jobroll.co and let me know what you think.

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    This is neat! I love the design

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    Hey, I see that you are creating a solution for any job boards. But how do you plan to monetize it? Your LP or product simply doesn't explain anything about it :)

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      Hi! You are right, it is not explained. But in the nutshell, it is free. We take a cut (%) from any premium job posts. If your board doesn't offer premium posts, jobroll is, in every sense of the word, free.

      I see that you are running a really nice job board already, I'd really appreciate your feedback on the feature that jobroll is missing and must have. Thanks!

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        To be honest, I wanted to utilize it for my next project. But again, there is no clear answer on what's the price, what's the cut, what's the feature roadmap, or what are the personalization options etc. :)

        As a professional marketer and potential user, I can say that it's a huge drawback for me.

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          Totally understand. We gonna keep working and try to make the site copy better and clarify mentioned points.
          The commission we take on premium jobs really depends on the project type, traffic, post prices... It is negotiable and custom for each publisher. If you want to talk specifics, please ping us at [email protected]

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    Hey! This is pretty cool - I like the overall simplicity and functionality of the demo.

    In an ideal world, I'd also add some categories that the job searchers can look out for (e.g., location, type of a job, etc.).

    Who is your target audience with this product? Is it websites that want to integrate a job board into an already existing audience? :)

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      @Uztics thanks so much!

      Great feedback. We have already category functionality, but just for this demo having categories didn't make sense. But totaly makes sense to show case it.
      We don't have other types of filtering at the moment, but that is something we are going to add in upcoming weeks.

      You are totally right, our ideal customer is the publisher/community that already has audience and want to provide more value to it and add a new revenue stream.

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