No-Code November 27, 2020

No-code tools are great until you hit a certain limit


No-code tools are great for getting ideas up and running uber-fast but once you get to a stage where you have to add more features or do some customization, then you hit a ceiling you cant break.

I built with a no-code tool but I am rewriting it again in Django because of some features that doesn't support out of the box.

Building at

TL:DR programmers are not going anywhere soon.

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    Is the missing feature essential for your unique value proposition?

    It all depends on the stage you are at. I‘d say that 95% of the products that are Build never grow out of the no code viable stage.

    And of course programmers are not going anywhere. Someone has to build the no code tools and someone has to solve the really hard problems. But today nobody needs to be a developer to spin up a landing page or a blog ...

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    this is where low code tools like Wappler ( comes in.
    a good chunk of the project can be configured without code - and when you want, you can extend it further.
    we've built (and are building still :) ) enterprise web apps on Wappler - and haven't found a place where we were stuck and couldn't get out of by writing some code.
    boilerplate stuff is still taken care of by the tool and we're not locked in!

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    That's the tool youre using (which is new and still working on features), but I wouldn't generalize all no-code tools as that.

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