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No-code tools are great until you hit a certain limit


No-code tools are great for getting ideas up and running uber-fast but once you get to a stage where you need to add more features or do some customization, then you hit a ceiling you cant break.

I built with a no-code tool but I am rewriting it in Python/Django because of some features that doesn't support out of the box.

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TL:DR programmers are not going anywhere soon.

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    "TL:DR programmers are not going anywhere soon."

    You may not have meant anything by this but it kind of irked me, so I'm responding :)

    No one in the no-code space (worth one's salt) claims that programming as a skill and a career is going to die out.
    This is certainly something that has been imagined by the programming community as if no-code is a threat to their existence, so they dump on it. It's actually ridiculous.

    No-code is for those of us without the programming chops, at any point in life, that wish to build a tool to solve an issue in their lives and/or to build something for a community of people.

    No one is trying to steal anyone's job.
    Programmers will still be required to code these no-code tools.

    My story:
    I'm building a solution to my own problem now and hope to release for others, using Bubble.
    My dream is to one day get to a point where I can hire a person or people and the tool scales enough that we rewrite so we have complete freedom with the architecture.
    But for now, Bubble is giving me the freedom to build out my idea while I try for the 100th time to learn the fundamentals of Javascript and then eventually Vue or React.
    Who knows, in the future I may decide to simply stick to the solopreneur life and keep it on Bubble for ease.

  2. 2 might solve that but they are far away it seems from even getting close to web apps.

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    Agreed, you can only build as high as the tools in the no-code/low-code solution. My startup is using Softr Studio right now, but in the future well move to some inhouse plus webflow for front end.

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