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Hey everyone! I am a full stack web developer. I need to validate an idea and don’t want to build even simple react app to do that. I want to use a simple tool so that I only need to register a domain, a hosting and then build a simple layout using blocks or something to just validate an idea? So that if it is good, I can start building back end and front end.

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    I've seen a million of those on indiehackers. same with video editing software or uptime monitoring software. If you have a decent target audience, go for it. otherwise, don't.

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    there's also https://www.ycode.com/ apart from what everyone mentioned.
    Plasmic https://www.plasmic.app/ is good as well.
    I've been looking for a no-code builder and Bubble.io comes closest, but I hate using it. I'd say it's the best though if you want to create more than a landing page.

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    Since you have not put your idea out there so suggesting you general -

    I feel like you need to develop the web apps so you can use- Bubble.io, Softr, Buider

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    I built https://versoly.com/ if you need a landing page or marketing site.

    In terms of validating an idea, I usually go to niche forums and see what folks are saying. See if I can dm them, if they don't respond it might not be that big of an issue.

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    A tool to build a landing page would suffice?

    Have a look at Typedream, Unicorn platform and other landing page builders

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