No Coders Attempting The 12 Startups Challenge 🚀

Any no-coders attempting the 12 startups in 12 months? Seems like the majority are developers. I don’t come from a coding background but I’m thinking about taking on the challenge. It’s a little daunting thinking of building web apps or SaaS startups with minimal coding knowledge. I use some no-code tools and plan on utilizing them but just curious if anyone else was in the same position?

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    Hey Buddy!

    I also started out as a complete no coder, so no worries!

    Even now I am using no code tools, as they are faster for me, but I am also learning to code, just to understand things better.

    The tools really don't matter, the type of problems you solve are more important.

    Good luck!

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      That's very true! Nobody cares about how you build it, they only care about their experience using it.

      Are you building in public as well? If so what are you building and what no code tools are you using?

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        For my first project I used airtable, carrd, typeform

        Right now I am learning to code and want to build as much from the ground up as possible.
        NoCode Tools are really fast, but I want to understand the underlying tech better which is why I have chosen to get more involved in coding.

        Yes, I am building in public you can see what I am doing on twitter , or on my blog

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