Twitter September 29, 2020

No good tool to document threads 😕


Every day I have so many ideas on writing twitter threads.

But text editing tools were not strict about the limits, so I had a hard time finding the right tool to help me craft threads.

So I built my own tool.

Tweetdrafts can help you store your ideas primarily as threads, so you can add them to twitter later.

  • It's fully responsive
  • Uses an airtable base for data storage
  • It's free to use

This is for people who want to create and document threads in a single place.

Currently, it cannot publish to twitter. Plus twitter also doesn't allow thread publishing via api AFAIK.

To create threads on twitter, you have to copy-paste the tweets right now.

I also didn't want to store tweets in a central database for privacy reasons.

So I chose airtable as the medium to store and update tweets. Anyone who wants to use tweetdrafts is in full control of their data.

You need to copy a templated base into your account to get started.

I am primarily not a coder, but a builder who tries to hack things together. This was built with my limited knowledge of react and would love some help from IHers to improve this.

I know this can be easily built into twitter within a weekend by them, but they haven't

Which means it's not a problem big enough worth solving for them.

Until they do, I will keep improving the core experience of the app a day at a time.

What next?

  1. Image support
  2. Copy tweet with a button

Do you also feel tweet threads should be mainstream?

PS: If you want to help or try out my tool, do reach out. Would be happy to hook you up

  1. 1

    Twitter threads are so nice to learn from! But I always had problems to find the best ones, that's why I created the first platform to share and find great threads :)

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