Design and UX October 2, 2020

No more iOS Squircles

Tobias Whetton @tobeagram

Hi everyone,

Over the last few weeks (when I'm not building Supernotes) I have been designing my own set of iOS 14 icons. I challenged myself to see how far I could go with customisation. Squircles have been the default iOS shape for 13 years and I wanted to changed that. Using a neat trick, matching the iOS wallpaper with the outer background of the app icon, I was able to modify the default icon shape into playful rectangles.

So far I have created over 100+ icons, and have just finished building the landing page for them, I would love for you test it out for any bugs and hear your thoughts of my icons down in the comments below!

I'm planning on officially releasing them next week, and they are already available to preorder. If any of you are interested in purchasing them I have created a $5 discount code specifically for Indie Hackers, just type in IndieHackerat the checkout.

Big thanks 🙌

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