No users? No excuse. Here is the answer.

Creating a new product or service is most IH's main motivator. You get serial creators who love to build products but more often than not, SOS kicks in (Shiny object syndrome). You've got 15 past-project folders and a todo list with 8 new ones. Then suddenly you see something earth shattering and that gets top spot focus.

The reality is, MVP's and searching for product market fit are useless without users. Sometimes it is actually a scary deterrent. You've spent X weeks building and refining a product whilst pushing back your launch day. In fact launch day is this all-singing-all-dancing magical plethora of life changing traffic where all your wildest dreams are met. Anything less is total and utter failure and your product sucks. You shelve it and move on.

The point of this post? Stop dreaming and start believing. Most products or services you think up probably have legs. If these exist for $120 then anything is possible. Also, It doesn't always have to be brand new! Richard Branson was amazing at taking existing services, adding a few extra bells/whistles and then marketing it in a way that gets your attention.

Let real users be the ones to tell you what sucks and what they want.

Ok that is great but "I can't get users". Rubbish.

They are frickin' everywhere. Billions of them. To really make this frictionless, I have put together a database of ways to find them and get them. There are 35 ideas currently and I will be adding more. If you are thinking that isn't many, tell me that after you have completed every single one of them. If you still don't have users; reiterate, refactor or fail fast and get the next project going.

No more excuses. No more if's, when, what, why's, buts.

Would you rather have 11 shiny products with zero traction or a half baked, possibly shiny object with signs of traction?

Go get them users.

(P.S if you have any ideas for the database, please comment and il pop them in.)

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