NoCode / Code suggestions to create a job board?

Hi! Any suggestions to create a simple job board website? Ideally with nocode, but open to hearing any suggestion

End results should be very very simple:

  • Back end Database with 5-10 attributes I'll manage manually (attributes being Job title, Company, Salary, etc) — Airtable? Any other suggestion?
  • Front end search functionality that allow to search by X different attributes (eg. Job Title, Company, etc)
    Not looking for any additional feature (as bookmarking)

What I've experimented with
I've tried Airtable + Softr which is fairly easy to setup. However Softr doesn't allow to modify mobile version — and the default version is awful

I've seen some Wordpress plugins, any other alternative?


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    Hi Simone, we just opened our registration on jobroll. Check it out if you have time https://jobroll.co

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    How about something super thrifty?
    Just create a custom view in Airtable, and share it publicly?

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      Good point. I did think about it, it's the fallback option if I can't find a nicer solution 👌

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      Guessing SEO is terrible for that?

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        One workaround for it could be a simple landing page where the website live and redirect to the Airtable / Excel directory maybe?

        1. 2

          My guess is you would want each job post to be ranked by google?

          Therefore would need a new page for each job posting.

          1. 1

            how about Pory.io then @SimoneF?
            They even have a job board template and connect directly to airtable.

            That should solve the SEO issue since each post gets its own page.

            1. 1

              Thanks! looks promising. It's pretty much the same as Softr but with more freedom to customise the fields

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    Current no code stack would be something like Airtable - zapier - webflow - jetboost

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      Thanks! Any tips on getting started on jetboost? Or googling is enough to get on the right track?

      1. 1

        Never used it before. But I try to keep up to date on the no code scene.

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    Is... google spreadsheet working for you?
    I made a curated virtual tour list with spreadsheet. May be you can get the feeling of how your end result look like. You can also get the search functionality, filter, any excel related features. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vdo-c3EgItnQb8j74rQSv6iKxi59FoJKXud31-6lFZo/edit?usp=sharing

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      It is, good to point this out. It's my fallback option indeed

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    I’d recommend Webflow with Memberstack!

    I created a tutorial here on how to build it out https://www.nocode.mba/courses/build-a-job-board-in-webflow

    1. 1

      Nice one, I'll check it out. Do you have a live website to play with, the output of the course?

      1. 2

        Yup! There's a live demo link on the tutorial page

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