Nocode Diet/Fitness App like MyFitnessPal

Hey everyone,

I’d like to build something similar to MyFitnessPal with a nocode platform like bubble.io- is this something that’s possible or is it too complicated?


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    Hi @darryllim,
    I know there are a lot of bubble templates pages these days:

    some have a free trial and you can get an idea of do you want and then start from there.

    Good Luck!

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      Thanks @DataGeorge - will go check it out!

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      I look at those templates but I never know how functioning they are - are they as plug & go as all you need to do is change branding? Or are they going to need way more setup?

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    I haven't worked much with nocode platforms like Bubble, but I would think if you focus on whatever your core benefit(s) is going to be versus the competition, you definitely could build at least that slice in Bubble.

    For example, maybe you have a better/cleaner food nutrition database than MyFitnessPal (I've seen lots of issues with their DB). Or maybe you've got a unique meal planning approach. Or maybe you've got an unique approach to handling macronutrients and exercise. Or whatever else you may be envisioning!

    Bubble might give you growing pains past a certain point, but I think it could be a great place to prove out your core ideas before moving to some other platform.

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      Thanks for the reply back @tylerchurch - I'm pretty much a newbie in the development world which is why I'm looking at Bubble. I do have quite bit of experience with HTML, building landing pages and ads, so i figure maybe this no code thing will be better suited to me. Understandably I know there's limits to it but worth at try

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        Makes sense!

        If you've already got experience with HTML and web design generally, getting comfortable with JavaScript is a great next step, and would open up more options for you. I'm a big fan of this book: https://www.amazon.com/JavaScript-JQuery-Interactive-Front-End-Development/dp/1118531647/

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          Awesome! Thanks for the referral. Will check it out!

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