Nomad Workstation for VR

VR is about go to mainstream with Project Cambria and Immersed replacing desktops. In addition, Remote Work has gone mainstream. Digital nomad life about to go exponential.

At the moment. I use a Levus Workstation. It's amazing. Nothing beats it as a workstation. But it's expensive and the target market is tiny. It's heavy and large, so shipping costs are insane. The design (the size/weight/cost) is what it is to accommodate the monitors hanging over your face.

With VR you can streamline the Levus so that it's simply a zero gravity recliner. It should have a comfortable foam mattress and a keyboard/mouse tray built in. This would appeal to non-nomads.

A second product might optimize for portability over comfort, appealing more to the digital nomad market. As long as it's easy and cheap enough to ship from one place the the next, it would be "portable" enough.

I don't want to build this, but hope someone might see the opportunity here and take on the challenge. It'd be a good crowdfunded project and I'd buy one in a heartbeat. After all, I spent AUD$4000 on the Levus.

2022 is the year a workstation like this comes into demand, thanks to projects like Project Cambria and Immersed, if it can hit the appropriate price point.

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    Completely agree here! I’m an investor in Immersed, but I think we’re still just a tish early. The space and tech is still super primitive.

    . Once Apple releases their headset(probably a few years from now), it’ll be like the App Store in 2008 all over again. Tons of opportunities will be had in this space.

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      Yeah you're right on timing. I probably shouldn't have said the entire space will mainstream in 2022. But I think with Project Cambria, it'll be the year where a large enough community of early adopters will use it as their daily driver. A large enough group that you could do a Gen 1 Workstation Recliner at a steeper price and then use that momentum for a Gen 2/3 etc. that hits a growing market.

      In either case, going down the crowdfunding route allows you to test interest first.

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